World’s Coolest-Looking Library With Over 1 Million Books!

I hope you like reading and books normally, as a result of we’re getting ready to lead off a desirable journey to China, wherever you’ll drop your jaw once visiting this uncommon library. whereas the facade of this large building sounds like a big eye, it in all probability has nothing to try to to with the Illuminati. Seriously, eyes ar an emblem of enlightenment, thus whoever designed this library was on point!

You can go the Binhai Cultural District In Tientsin and see this “architect’s wet dream” along with your own eyes. It’s a five-story building covering thirty four,000 sq.m and might hold run out one.2 million books. you’ll be able to simply verify the outre interior style and you’ll grasp sure if you like it or hate it. Here’s the question, though, ar of these shelves full of actual books? Well, because it seems, most, if not all of those book covers ar pretend, and therefore the real books ar somewhere within. that creates sense however ruins the magic. Oh well, a minimum of it’s freaking awesome!

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