The Gut-Wrenching Mystery Behind The Only Successful Escapees From Alcatraz

Alcatraz has been known as the most threatening jail on the essence of the earth. It’s separated on an island and about difficult to get away. Or on the other hand, in any event that is the thing that they said.

That was until one day in June of 1962. A gathering of three men set out to do the incomprehensible and their destiny still stays obscure. Did they suffocate? Did they escape and make new lives for themselves under an alternate nom de plume? How about we investigate.

Why This Is Being Talked About


This was a cold case for decades. Nobody truly knew where the three men who got away in 1962 truly went. Police hadn’t heard anything.

That is until the San Francisco police received a letter claiming the be John Anglin, one of the guys who escaped, in early January, 2018.

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