Situations You Wouldn’t Want to Find Yourself In

You take your pc|portable computer} for a category then in school you notice that it’s not your computer in the least… Or, you’re uptake out along with your child and he suddenly tells a really uncomfortable issue to a unknown. The heroes of this text recognize all regarding this type of expertise, however they don’t get upset. On the contrary, they’ve found the courageousness to share their fails and kid them in conjunction with you.

It’s good so it’s not on the shirt

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My kid noticed something on this man, so they told him

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I thought it was a real dog

A guy lost his shoe right as the subway doors closed.

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I have to go fast on trip

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What happend?

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What happend with my hair??

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It’s to hot today.

How to???

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My new mouse..

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That’s not my name :O

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