A smart woman is silent while a wise woman fights for herself – 7 differences between a wise and a smart woman

Each of us is gifted with intelligence, of course to a different degree. Given that there are several types of intelligence, you should be aware that not all are equally developed.

For example, verbal intelligence is a person’s ability to mentally calculate the next steps during the process of talking to someone. These people are very sensitive to words. Most often, they are writers, poets and prominent presidents.

On the other hand is non-verbal communication, that is, thinking through images. This team of people includes scientists, artists, doctors and designers. We often say that such people are smart and wise, but the concepts of smart and wise are different. What is the main difference?

Wisdom is not an intellectual ability, but an acquired quality based on life experience. What does a wise woman look like? And what are the differences between a wise and a smart woman? 1. A wise woman will not point out someone else’s mistake at any cost. She will pretend that she did not notice the mistake, and a smart woman will make it known and warn about the mistake.

2. When it comes to a difficult situation, a wise woman will only show the direction to a man, and a smart one will take on solving the problem herself. 3. A wise mother will see personality in her child, a smart mother will make him learn mathematics because it is useful.

4. When a wise woman does not have a job, she will do her best to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. A smart woman will try to do better than others at any cost. 5. In relations with her parents, a wise woman will listen to them, laugh and continue to work as she wants in order to maintain her independence.

6. A wise woman does not try to change the world, she accepts it as it is. A smart woman tries to change everything around her and influence others. 7. A wise woman knows that the truth is always on the side of the one who is happy. A smart woman thinks that the one who is right is happy. And who is right – you judge!

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