Never lose yourself for love – 3 truths about love that we must know

Love is one of the strongest emotions that can change the attitude towards life completely. When you love, you feel like you can move mountains, overcome all difficulties and obstacles on your way.

However, sometimes it turns out that you and your partner are not so compatible. He suddenly understands everything differently from how it was at the beginning. And then your luck collapses. For centuries, many thinkers, philosophers and poets have asked the question whether love is enough for complete happiness.

The relationship between a man and a woman is an inexhaustible topic that has inspired many. However, love is not always so wonderful, we often idealize it. We expect much more from love than is realistic, much more than we are ready to sacrifice for it, and this destroys love.

These are three facts about love that you must be aware of.

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1. Love does not equal compatibility. You can fall in love with anyone, but that doesn’t mean that person is right for you. Love implies emotions, compatibility and logic.

Love is often born between people who are diametrically opposed, with different interests and values. At that moment, it doesn’t bother them, but in the long run that relationship will not be able to work.

2. Love will not solve problems between partners. Although passion is powerful, it intoxicates, when you love it seems you can move mountains, but love cannot solve problems.

Even if you fight, and there is a sweet reconciliation, over time you will realize that the problems are accumulating, and that you are just pushing them under the carpet.

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3. Love is not worth the sacrifice. As much as we like to believe otherwise, love really isn’t worth the sacrifice.

You don’t need to sacrifice your time, interests, desires, ambitions, friends to bring happiness and joy to the person you like and love. You must not lose yourself for love. Your dignity, self-respect, ambitions and goals you strive for must not fall into the water.

During your life, you can fall in love with a wide variety of people. Some relationships are toxic and some people are toxic, but we all make mistakes and no one is immune to them. Love is beautiful, it makes it worth living and creating, but you have to know your worth. If there is no respect, friendship, common goals in love, then there is no future.

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