Never lose and ignore yourself for a man – 4 characteristics of weak women

I keep hearing stories about weak men who have no luck with women. But have we ever talked about weak women, because if there are weak men, there must also be weak women.

We are often presented only as strong, successful, emancipated and independent women. They are presented as a female prototype. It is a common phenomenon that society turns a blind eye to women’s weaknesses and does not condemn them in the same way as men. Female weakness is harmless.

Today we are talking about the psychological characteristics of weak women. Let’s see what it is all about:

1. She asks her partner to take responsibility for her and possibly her children, if she has any. This type of woman simply expects that from a man.

I understand when a man takes responsibility for his partner who has just given birth or is feeling bad, but why would anyone take responsibility for someone healthy and genuine with whom they have not yet built a close and intimate relationship?

2. In the next place is the attitude that she herself is to blame for everything. Because of this, she withdraws into herself, reduces communication with the environment, is disinterested and similar.

However, sometimes women take advantage of this, making themselves a victim in order to evoke pity. In addition, there is also the opposite, which is that everyone is to blame, only she is not.

3. Weak women do not know the concept of personal boundaries. She is never herself, but when she finds a partner, they suddenly become “we”.

She believes that they should spend time together all the time, that this is how it should and should be because it is no longer he and she, but them.

4. Weak women practically have no femininity. She renounced her femininity through a long series of excuses. She has no time for herself, she has to cook lunch, clean the house, take out the trash – all just to please her partner. Because of a man, she lost and neglected herself.

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